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You are never too old

to set another goal

   or dream another dream   

C.S Lewis

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Amputees Are ABLED

Not Disabled:


There may be times when you don't feel "physically" able,

but you must believe you are still ABLE...You are:



AdaptAble = Able to adjust to new conditions


AccountABLE = Being responsible 

AdjustABLE = The ability to adapt or to conform to a situation

AdmirABLE = Deserving of the highest esteem or respect

AmiABLE = Friendly and agreeable in feeling and disposition

ApplaudABLE = Deserving commendations or praise

AvailABLE = Having the qualities and the willingness to take on a responsibility.

KnowledgeABLE = Thoroughly acquainted with and skilled in something through study or experience

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