K-levels are defined by Medicare based on an individual's ability or potential to ambulate and navigate their environment. Once it is determined in which K-level an individual resides, it can be determined which prosthetic components are covered by Medicare.



 K Level         Description                                      Foot Ankle Assemblies                   Knee Units

 K - 4  The patient has the ability or potential for prosthetic ambulation that exceeds basic ambulation skills, exhibiting high impact, stress, or energy levels - typical of the prosthetic demands of the child, active adult, or athlete.

Any ankle foot system appropriate

 Any ankle knee system appropriate

K - 3  The patient has the ability or potential for ambulation with variable cadence - a typical community ambulator with the ability to traverse most environmental barriers and may have vocational, therapeutic, or exercise activity that demands prosthetic use beyond simple locomotion.

Flex foot and flex-walk systems, energy storing feet, multi-axial ankle/feet, or dynamic response feet

Fluid and pneumatic control knees

K - 2  This patient has the ability or potential for ambulation with the ability to traverse low-level environmental barriers such as curbs, stairs, or uneven surfaces - a typical community ambulator.

Flexible-keel feet and multi-axial ankle/feet

Single-axis, constant friction knee

K - 1  This patient has the ability or potential to use a prosthesis for transfers or ambulation on level surfaces at fixed cadence - a typical limited or unlimited household ambulator

External keel, SACH feet

or single axis ankle/feet

constant friction knee

K - O  This patient does not have the ability or potential to ambulate or transfer safely with or without assistance and a prosthesis does not enhance their quality of life or mobility. 

Not eligible for prosthesis 

Not eligible for prosthesis 

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