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Hello, My name is Madalyn.

    After a normal pregnancy Madalyn was born at 39 weeks on March 23, 2012. We found out about her leg at birth. There was no proof, but the diagnosis was most likely amniotic band syndrome. Madalyn was born missing the lower portion of her right leg. Before she was 1 week old we had already started physical therapy and met with an orthopedic surgeon.

     At 4 months old Madalyn had a revision surgery to remove part of her leg that was not getting good blood flow. Her surgeon let us know she would most likely not walk until she was around 4 years old.

     Around 9-10 months old she began trying to stand but could not hold her weight on just 1 leg so her physical therapist suggest we just meet with the prosthetist. They determined she needed a leg right away even if it were just to stand in one place.

She worked vigorously in physical therapy. Madalyn had walking wings, a pediatric walker, and several homemade things to help strengthen her muscles and improve balance.

    At 15 months, she walked without the aid of her walker! Since then, she has done nothing but progress. 

    At 18 months, she could climb the ladder on the swing set, which we were informed an average 2 year old could not do. She has played Tee Ball. She loves to dance, jump, and run. She loved riding her scooter. She is very active and does not know the meaning of the words "disable" or "can't".

                  Madalyn's Mom  (AKA: Heather)

 Madalyn is Abled Amputees Ambassador! She inspires us every day.

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