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Our Executive Team
Doug Durham RN
Founder ~ Chief Executive Officer
Doug has been an RN for more than 29 years. He found his niche in adult psych and substance abuse nursing and has worked in that field primarily for the last 28 years. He now works as the Georgia state Director of the Post-Acute Rehabilitation Division for Hanger Clinic and also works as the Regional Coordinator for Hanger Clinics peer visitor program.  At age 3 he was diagnosed with Albright’s Syndrome, a brittle bone disease that caused him to break an arm or leg almost every time he fell down. He was hospitalized multiple times and his right leg was amputated above the knee at age 16, due to non-growth. Doug believes in Jesus as his Savior and believes that God is able to heal our disease and says that is why he is here, alive and healthy today. Wanting to give back to amputee community, Doug started Abled Amputees in 2013 with social media and the website. He strongly believes that physical and occupational therapy is a very important key to an amputees success.
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Kyle Marshall

Financial Director
Kyle brings a wealth of experience in Healthcare Finance and Operations, from small local businesses to publicly traded corporations. He was also the first CFO for the University of Georgia – Veterinary Teaching Hospital, one of the top veterinary hospitals in the country. Kyle was born and raised in Georgia. He holds a MBA and a Bachelor Of Business Administration from The University of West Georgia. Kyle currently lives in Athens, GA with his wife and daughter.
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Amy Todd OT/CHT

Program Director

Amy Todd holds a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Brenau University, and has been practicing as an OT/CHT for over 10 years. She currently works as part of the Upper Limb Program team with Hanger Clinic, focusing on upper limb prosthetics rehabilitation and education. Amy presents at the local, national and international levels on hand therapy and prosthetic rehabilitation, including speaking in Mexico, Thailand, and South Africa.

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Cosi Belloso MPT

Program Director

Cosi Belloso, MSPT is a physical therapist with over 17 years working in the field.  Her experiences include working in trauma ICU, cardiology, orthopaedic trauma, burns, spinal cord injury, pediatrics, oncology, and transplant.  Her passion is working with the amputee/limb loss community.  She is the proud owner of Palanca, Inc-- a physical therapy outpatient clinic that is exclusively for helping patients achieve success with mobility after limb loss.  She is also the host of "Cosi Talks," a live weekly Facebook show where she answer questions from her audience regarding recovery from limb loss.  On a personal note, she is the mother of 4 beautiful children, she loves playing violin and running.  She recently celebrated 4 years survival from breast cancer. Hooyah!


Cathi Durham RN

Executive Board Secretary 

First Lady

Our Advisory Committee

Leslie Wright CP.jpg
Mike Schorr.jpg
 Leslie Wright CP
Roswell, Georgia
Mike Schorr
Fayetteville, Georgia

Bob Sampson

Cumming, Georgia

Thomas Leonard.jpg
Thomas Leonard
Trussville, Alabama
dude confused.jpg

Able is Abled Amputees of America's Mascot. He was named by our facebook community in the spring of 2013.  


He enjoys making brief appearances on facebook educating the amputee community.  He by know means likes to steal the show.  He even gets a little embarrased when his picture is made, as you can see in this photo.


Able is an amputee himself, having no arms or legs.  But that doesn't seem to slow him down one bit!

Able, Our Mascot
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