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Abled Amputees of America is a non-profit corporation. 


Our mission is to make outpatient physical and occupational therapy possible for amputees needing financial support, while promoting wellness in body, mind and spirit.


Through social media and our website we have been serving the amputee community with inspiration, support and education since March, 2013.  In June of 2020, we applied for, and received a 501(c) (3) status,

as well as obtaining our Incorporation certificate through the state of Georgia.


Multiple studies show that amputees who receive physical and occupational therapy within the first year of the amputation do much better in life and are more apt to wear their prosthesis more often, and for longer periods each day. 

They ambulate from place-to-place more independently, often without an assistive device.

In addition, their self-esteem is higher and this can improve overall quality of life. 

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