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 These pages are for inspiration.

  These pages are for education.

Can't afford Therapy
or even your co-pay?
We may be able to help!
This amputee community is a close family, even though we are miles away from each other. We all have our stories of how we became "members" of this club. (No offense) Some were elective, most were not. It seems that once we get grounded, so to speak, in who we are again, we began to enjoy life again. We find a way!  
These pictures show the fun side to our story,
just one side of our personality. 
 Abled Amputees of America is a non-profit organization. 
Our mission is to make outpatient physical and occupational therapy possible for amputees needing financial support while promoting wellness in body, mind and spirit. 

Our MISSION Supports the amputee community.

Please consider making a generous donation on The Abled Amputees Foundations page.

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Facebook is where we began in 2013. It is where we communicate, educate and socialize. Now you can find us on Instagram and Pinterest too!

We've had over 8000 people join us on Facebook from the world over and we invite you to join us there too!  

Everyday is special, but we have two very special days on our page.  

Madalyn Mondays

Madalyn inspires and brings joy to all who see her. She starts your week off in a positive way. Currently, Madalyn is our one and only Ambassador and has her own page here.

 Fake Leg Fridays

AAA Fake Leg Fridays are just that. Crazy, wacky amputee humor, pictures, stories and more. If you're looking for a something to get you into the weekend smiling then this is for you!

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With over 500 amputations happening each day in the United States, it is our belief that it's important  to provide more assistance including educational and therapy videos by our affiliate The Mission Gait Foundation. 

Jason Paeper
Dale Ayscue 2
Mark F 3
Madalyn Rain 1
Sylvester Jones
James Vincent 3
Jason Paeper
Dale Ayscue 2
Mark F 3
Madalyn Rain 1
Sylvester Jones
James Vincent 3

Our Corporate Sponsors & Community Affiliates

Steps of Faith Foundation
Naked Prosthetics
Cosi Talks
Mission Gait Foundation
Socket Socks


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