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Let's Exercise!

Our exercise videos range from beginner to intermediate then advanced levels.  We cannot determine what level you would get the largest benefit. We suggest you and your family or friends decide that,

in the privacy of your home or consult you doctor or PT.  

Look at several videos from each page to see if the exercises seem too challenging or not challenging enough.  

Remember safety first.  DO NOT try to do more than you are used to doing.  




Our videos are presented to you by:

Cindi Asch-Martin, CPT & Fitness Coach, Advanced Prosthetic Centers

Dr. Carol Miller PT, PhD, GCSP, Board Certified Specialist in Geriatrics

Cindy Asch Martin is a certified personal trainer & fitness coach in Olympia, WA. She has been a personal trainer since 1997.  She is ACE certified and has many expertise's in the field of training, from Special Populations, Older Adults and Balance, Arthritis & Exercise and Longevity Wellness Specialist   She is an amputee, not due to an injury or accident but due to a degenerative tendon. After many failed surgeries her dead tendon was left to fester until it caused massive infections which lead me to no other reasonable choice. She truly believes that her recovery would not have been so good if she did not practice what she preaches.


Personal Affects


Carol A. Miller, PT, PhD, GCS

Board Certified Specialist in Geriatrics

Advanced Prosthetics Center - Our mission is to be the country's leading limb loss rehabilitation specialists. Emphasizing clinical excellence, we continually improve on our delivery of products and services, as well as our ability to facilitate swifter and more favorable outcomes. We work to exceed expectations and restore hope in a caring and positive environment.


Advanced Prosthtics Center

Before starting any exercise routine, talk with your Physician and /or Physical Therapist to decide if you are currently able to perform these exercises.
Your professional medical team will be able to determine the frequency and reptitions you need to enhance your ability to become stronger and mobile.
We want you to progress, but our biggest desire is that you are safe. 

Abled Amputees of America, Advanced Prosthetics or Personal Affects is not responsible for any injury that occurs from those who try these exercises. We highly recommend, before starting any exercise program, the user get approval from your MD.

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