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Advanced Exercise Videos

Before starting any exercise routine, talk with your Physician and /or Physical Therapist to decide if you are currently able to perform these exercises. Your professional medical team will be able to determine the frequency and reptitions you need to enhance your ability to become stronger and mobile. We want you to progress, but our biggest desire is that you are safe. 

This will help to build up your thigh muscles as well as your inner thigh muscles. Designed especially for lower extremity amputees.

Better Balance


By Cindy Asch Martin  

Step -ups


By Cindy Asch Martin - certified personal trainer & fitness coach.

Intermediate Squats/Shoulders Using a Kettle Bell with Cindy.
This exercise is designed for those healthy enough for regular exercise.

Abled Amputees of America, Advanced Prosthetics or Personal Affects is not responsible for any injury that occurs for those who try these exercises. We highly recommend, before starting any exercise program, the user get approval from his/her MD. 

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