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For Amputees...

This site is for education, inspiration and support. Go here to apply for PT/OT financial assistance. This is where you will find our most popular pages The Wall of Legs & Going Out on a Limb. Would you like a new design for your socket?  Looking for some important links that are helpful to you as an amputee? Plus we have links to prosthetic manufactures sites, foundations that offer assistance in getting a prosthetic device and many support sites on Facebook - it's all here and more!


Life's not over it's just different TM.p
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For Donors...

This site is where we invite you to make a one-time donation or even set up a monthly donation. We appreciate your support. Here you will learn about the importance of specialized Physical and Occupational Therapy for amputees. Plus we've listed interesting statistics on amputation. Here you will find our mission and vision statements, our core values and our corporate prayer. We invite you to read about and get to know our Executive Board and Advisory committee members.

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