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        Who is the Founder of       Abled Amputees?

Doug Durham has been an RN for more than 29 years.  He started out in pediatrics and after 18 months transferred to the med/psych unit working with adolescents who suffered from anorexia, newly diagnosed Diabetes and children with depression.  He found his niche in adult psych and substance abuse nursing and has worked in that field primarily for the last 27 years.  His extensive experience includes inpatient and outpatient mental health hospitals, psychiatric home health and has also worked for insurance companies in the utilization review area.
Having graduated as nurse 20 years before, Doug decided to go back to school and obtain a further education in Life Coaching. He believes that the real answers to problems that people have are already inside themselves.  Doug has a gift of listening and asking the right questions at the right time.  He enjoys working with people and planning their future.   
Brittle Bone Disease Survivor
Doug’s journey started at age 3, when he was diagnosed with Albright’s Syndrome, a brittle bone disease that caused him to break an arm or leg almost every time he fell down. He was hospitalized multiple times and his right leg was amputated above the knee at age 16, due to non-growth. He grew out the brittleness, as he became an adult.   
Doug believes in Jesus as his Savior.  He believes in the Holy Bible as being the only true word of God. He also believes that God works through The Holy Spirit and is able to save us from our sins and supply all of our daily needs.  He also believes that God is able to heal our disease and believes that is why he is here, alive and healthy today.
May God himself, the God who makes everything holy and whole, make you holy and whole, put you together - spirit, soul, and body - and keep you fit 
for the coming of our Master, Jesus Christ.   
    1 Thessalonians 5:23 (MSG)
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