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So how do you get that fire, that lust for life, to burn inside you ask? Well it isn’t easy. What you don’t do is drink or use drugs. Those only give a false spark that eventually dies out. You need something with sustainability. Like will power.

What I do is to think that despite my handicap, I will run a winning race. I keep a positive attitude. I will not let this handicap beat me, and I will push on. I know what I got to do. I just got to put one foot of the other and get started. Others might call you crazy for trying to live an extraordinary life with your handicap, but then your real friends will know you as amazing. Because through the pain and emotional darkness, you can hold your head up and overcome your disability.

There is no motivation to live a normal life,

when faced with a lifetime of pain and strife,

you get up in the morning to face a new day,

of learning how to do things in a new way.

But don’t hang your head low to the ground,

not when you have all of your friends around,

to hold you up with encouragement when you fall,

they are there to help at your beck and call.

All you have to do is ask.

That’s the first step, when you are feeling down, just ask for help. Talk to a friend and cry out your frustrations if you must.

The second step is to get back into your daily routine. Make breakfast and then take a bath. Then do what you would normally do. Think about what you can do to better yourself, and do it. Try it without any help, and if you fail, so what! Try again. At first, I wasn’t able to walk but that didn’t stop me from trying to walk with a walker or even a cane. Now is the time to better yourself. Go online and take an educational class in something you always wanted to do or learn. There are many ways to better yourself. I cannot type with my right hand but I learned how to type with just my left hand, and I am writing books. I couldn’t do that if I didn’t try.

Da Nekidgoat February 2014

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