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The Power of a Small Thing by Chrissy Volker

There are days it seems we must reach deep inside to find energy; when just getting up and living our day takes all of our effort. Tiny issues, separately, can be handled easily but together can weigh us down like lead weights. We might feel the best course of action is just to stay in bed or on the couch and let the world go about on it’s rushed, chaotic way without us.

I promise you, as alluring as this may sound, you need to get up. Yes, rest is important. I’m not talking about times when your body needs to recover. I’m talking about those days that you know you CAN get up but you think to yourself ‘Why bother?’

Why? To stay stagnant can quickly become a permanent condition. It gets harder the next time to get up. That’s what I want you to do; simply get up. It’s a small thing, really. And now that you are up, what will you do? No, don’t wander from the bed to the couch. In fact, don’t turn on the TV at all. If you like music that’s fine. Go outside. Yes, it is hot…or maybe it’s cold. It doesn’t matter. If you physically can’t get outside go open a window.

This is your task today. Find something to look at, some small thing. I noticed yesterday as I gardened that the five flowers on a certain plant all have different shades of purple. I know there is a scientific reason for this but it didn’t matter yesterday at all. It seemed magical somehow that each flower was an individual color. If you haven’t tried before, draw something you see or write about it. Give that one small thing all of your power of concentration. Once you record somehow, in some small way, what you’ve seen I want you to share it with someone else. Tell a friend, tell your neighbor, or tell your dog. It doesn’t matter. But I want you to interact with someone or something living today. Talk to a plant if you like. Just reach out to the world.

Now congratulate yourself! Yes, really. What was a small thing, just getting up and going outside or to a window, looking around, making a few notes or a drawing has led to something big…you didn’t think about your situation for a moment. Maybe you rediscovered something or someone. You made a ‘step’- sorry, amp humor- in the right direction in your healing process.

Tomorrow, go a little further….it’s a small thing. Keep moving forward.


Chrissy Volker 10-14

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