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This journey, this trip, this road called amputation is not an easy one. It is full of uphill battles, but by keeping a positive attitude, it can be made into a little easier. A positive attitude can jumpstart your life into one of “I can” instead of “I can’t”. With a positive attitude you can leap over those hills on your prosthesis. Saying you can do something is the first step of that journey, next you have to try, and finally believe in yourself. Yes, it is a leap of faith, but with a positive attitude, you can do it. If you fail, try again, for it is not how many times you fail, but that you don’t let your failures stop you from trying. When that doctor says you are going to lose a limb or limbs, don’t dwell on what you lose, but accept it and use your willpower and attitude to overcome any obstacle. Having a positive attitude has to come from the inside. You can’t just depend on your friends and family to “magically” supply you with it. But once others see that positivity flowing through you, it will have an impact on them also. For if you want a miracle, be the miracle.

Physical limits, torn down by force of will,

steel determination, is all that you feel,

you will not be stopped, by others words,

in fact you dare them, to enter your world.

A world where failing, is just an excuse,

where the ignition to act, is just a short fuse,

lit by the soul, to dispel the dark clouds,

to set the spirit free, and run buck wild.

Though limited you be, you’re not beaten,

the trials of the past, is all but forgotten,

never think you are lost, because you can win,

and then tell them, that you can do it again.

Believe in yourself, and conquer your fears,

just trust yourself, wipe away those tears,

step by step, and you will show the rest,

that you have the will, to pass life’s test.

Da Nekidgoat March 2014

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