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Attitude of Gratitude

The definition of Attitude: a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person's behavior.

This one small sentence carries a lot of meaning. A good attitude can make one feel secure and welcomed in life or a bad attitude can be the complete opposite and make people quickly move away. A good and pleasant attitude, one that makes you popular to be around, is the attitude everyone wishes for. But when you have had a part of your body removed, be it from health issues or an accident, how does one keep a good healthy attitude?

For me, right after the accident that resulted in the loss of my leg, it was a daily challenge. We all have our ups and downs, but with the help of my mother, friends, and church family I was able to keep my attitude upbeat. I was appreciative that I had people with me in this new journey that I was thrown into. Being scared to death did not make me calm, but with prayers and prayers from literally all over the world, it gave me an attitude of peace that I had never known before. As I laid in that hospital bed and wondered what God may want to use me for, why he had saved me that day, the only attitude I could have was to be grateful. I knew then that my attitude for life needed to be one that is positive. I am still alive!

I do believe that our attitude is something that can be changed when we learn to be happier with ourselves. One can learn to appreciate life more when we stop thinking about all that may be troubling in their life and get out and do things, such as volunteering, and be around others that have a giving and grateful attitude. You cannot stay angry, mad, or have a bad attitude when you surround yourself with people that are giving to other, pleasant to talk to, and are joyful about living life to their fullest capacity. While we may think that we are the only ones that have problems, we are not. Being an amputee can be noticeable to others, but most people are dealing with some type of issue in their life too. We can use our devices to teach, inspire, and be an example to others.

Our positive attitude will be a large part of our healthy healing when the amputation occurs, the healing of the body and the mind. The quicker a person learns to accept this "new" body, the faster one can move on to the new normal in our lives. Not saying there won't be bad days, or even pity party days, but the only way that our lives can productively go forward is with positive thinking that, "I CAN DO THIS." Then work for it till you do! You will be proud of yourself and others around you will be proud of you too. It may take you many tries, many different ways, and many failures before you do what you used to do with ease, but every day you do it, it will get easier and your attitude will become more positive. There is an old saying that, "Attitude is Everything". Let your good attitude reflect your happiness for life!

Peace and Blessing to you all,

LuAnn Kleemeyer ~ March 2014

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