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The MONSTER INSIDE By Da Nekidgoat

It exists inside each and every one of us. And it rears its head at the most unfortunate times. This thing, this emotion called anger. I myself have a terrible temper, and it got worse after the amputation..

I remember after I lost my leg,

I was working on a car, and had enough,

the parts wouldn’t fit, like they was supposed to,

I was at the end of my rope, not knowing what to do.

I tried gluing, clamping, and screwing,

I swore I knew, what I was doing,

but the parts, wouldn’t stay together,

and I was hell bent, for fair weather.

When I had enough, I threw the parts across the room,

they went through the wall, to meet their doom,

but a spark of an idea, brought them back to life,

because then I listened, to my wife’s advice.

She kept telling me, to calm down,

don’t get so upset, don’t get so unwound,

and she was right, all that anger did nothing,

for that car was still there, despite my puffing and huffing.

So it didn’t me any good to get lost in my anger. I lost my temper a lot back when I first lost my leg, I was often throwing screwdrivers, tools and such. But as the months past, I learned something. I learned that I could control my anger, and that I could channel that anger into something positive. When I lost my leg, stress and anger often steamed to the top of my list of frustrations. My frustrations would often develop into anger. I would become angry and frustrated in learning how to do things, things I could do before, but now I had to them differently. And this began to have an effect on my marriage. I found myself taking my frustration and anger out on her. I and my wife had to sit down and talk this out. And then with my wife’s help, I started to turn that anger into determination. This became important when I learned to use my new leg. That anger was then turned into a positive thing. That is how I slew the beast.

Da Nekidgoat - May 2014

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