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A Poem Of Courage.

Though my leg was taken away, that did not ruin my day.

I can run, I can jump, I can swim,

see life as an amputee is not so dim.

Although my body looks maimed,

my spirit was never claimed.

As I run this race that was set before me,

I wear the kindness of a selfless man for all to see.

Again he has made me whole, this I will carry in my soul.

Some may laugh or point and stare,

but I hold my head high and couldn't care.

All they want to see is a leg that's not real,

its but a small thing and is no big deal.

I don't mourn over the life that I had,

I've been given a new one so how could I be sad.

Suffering more than words could ever tell,

I had the courage to amputate and now I am healthy and well.

Its not too much to consider what I've been through,

if you were me what would you do?

So take another look, this time with your heart,

you will see the real me, not my missing part.


A poem of courage by joy clays.


Joy Clays.jpg

Joy passed to be in our Lord's hands on March 26th, 2016

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