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Amp Dreams

At the end of May we ask...When you dream, are you an amputee?  

We got over 150 answers and here are some them.  

Mark Ferrell's funny ... for the first few months I still had my leg in my dreams, then one night, in my dream, I was ducked behind this broken down farm sled ... looking out into a huge field as a wicked storm raged. Then, suddenly, I leapt up and began running, with wild abandon, across the field. I looked down and noticed that I had a prosthesis. I smiled and ran even faster. From that day on, in every single dream I remember, I have been "me" prosthesis and all.

a psychologist I was seeing after the accident told me that was my moment of acceptance. It felt like it ... it's at that moment my self image changed to include the prosthesis. And, looking back in the dream, you may see why I often say "It's not always about waiting out the storm ... it's about learning to dance in the rain."

Richard Iqal writes...I’m missing both hands and both feet. I often dream that I still have my left hand. It’s weird because my dominant hand was my right one. I think it’s because my left hand wasn’t as badly damaged as my right hand was. I totally gave up on my right hand, but I remember trying so hard to move my fingers on my left hand, hoping maybe for a miracle. In the end it ended up being amputated along with the right hand. I think this is why I have the dreams where I still have the left hand.

 Stephanie Abbou my dreams I am actually a double amputee with 2 beautiful (and very expensive) legs that I got in New York...I know...strange. lol

 Troy Roland writes...Honestly most of the time I don’t even think of myself as an amputee. It’s normal everyday life and there are very few things that are affected because of my “short leg”.... I don’t dream that I am or am not.

 Carrie Cruz... Fernandez Very much! Many, many of my dreams involve me scrambling around looking for the prosthesis. I know a lot of people have the "naked" dream. In my dreams I am always at a loss.

Alina Lujan Butler... No, in my dreams I’m not an amputee but I can never actually see my other arm. I can use it and I don’t even think about it but when dream me tries to look at it, I’m back to normal (amputee). I’ve been amputee since right after birth so I guess it makes sense I wouldn’t know what another arm would like on me. I have very vivid dreams lol

Jeff Harig... I lost both of my feet at 12. Had my first amputee dream at 19 and sometimes i put my legs on in my dreams.
But most the time like my life it's just who i am and don't notice.

Marcia Nave... Been an amputee since I was 21(left leg amputated because of incurable cancer). I am now 65. In my dreams I have 2 legs because I don't think of myself as an amputee:) Wheelchair at 50 because of injury to left arm. Doesn't stop me to live life to the fullest:)

Emily Harvey... Usually yes, but not always, and sometimes I don't notice if I am or not. I guess it makes sense though because my leg was amputated when I was only 2, so I don't remember having a real left foot. The only time I've been aware in a dream of not being an amputee is when I've had dreams about running long distances... haha!

 Jolene Sawyer... Interesting, last night in my dreams I was wearing some fantastic clothes, starting to think I should've been a fashion designer. But I think I dreamt I had two real feet, but don't really remember and guess I was to focused on my clothes to care lol (been and amputee since I was 1, now 35.)

Tewodros Tegegne... hahahahaa what an idea, I love it, I was wondering why still I could not see my self amputee in my dreams, it has been 23 years since I get amputated but still did not see it in my dreams, thanks for raising this question.

Gina Bruce Turner... Almost always...pretty much from day one!! Weird, since in my dreams, I’m always in the house I grew up in...never any of my “adult life” homes....

Thomas Robbins... Up until the age of about 16, I was not an amputee in my dreams. Then it seemed to be about 50% of the time for several years. Any dreams that I have now, I am an amputee. Not sure if it has to do with acceptance of the fact that I would never have two legs, but it seems to coincide.

Megan Ciotti... I never had my left hand, I'm what i think they call a congenital amputee. But in all my dreams i have 2 hands.

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