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Though I Walk Through

the Valley

Though I walk through the valley with one leg,

for pity or sorrow I shall not beg.

Through the phantom pain

the Lord has kept me sane.

For this I shall never forget,

relying on him I will not be afraid to admit.

He has kept me from being down in a dump,

as I ponder my new life and rub my stump.

One more hope, one more step, one more day,

I am happy God is with me so what could I say?

Thank you for saving my life so I can serve you.

Look in my heart now and show me what to do.

Gently guide my hands and my foot,

I am but a small branch, you are the root. 

                                      By Joy Clays







Joy Clays.jpg

Joy passed to be in our Lord's hands on March 26th, 2016

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