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Everybody has their hopes and fears. Take my fears, I am a below the knee amputee and one of my fears is falling. I fell in the bathroom one week after being released from the hospital and I am scared to death of falling again. I know that it is all in my head, but sometimes the physical pain that a fear might cause is hard to overcome. This is just like life, we all have fears and we all must learn how to overcome those fears. We can overcome our fear by acting on our hopes and dreams. It is by acting on our hopes and dreams that we develop confidence. And with this confidence we can overcome fear.

A handicapped person needs an emotional anchor, or in other words a safe harbor. A place to go in case of emotional distress. Now this doesn’t have to be an actual place, in fact the best place is not even a place. The best place to go to is family, and the family doesn’t have to be blood. The family can be friends. Sometimes we tell our closest friends secrets we wouldn’t tell our family. So when you get really distressed over your handicap and you feel let down, you can turn to family, friends and support groups to lift you up. Tell them of your hopes and fears, then work to overcome them.

Hope is nothing but dreams unfulfilled,

which are subject only to one’s own will,

while fear bites into the fabric of reality,

exposed to all those that take no heed.

Hope’s illusion is thus dispelled by action,

and defiance cast fear far from attraction,

to hope is to cast seeds onto the ground,

unless the will to succeed can be found.

And fear is just an obstruction for the soul,

corrupting the spirit where ever it goes,

to walk into fear is to take the first step,

casting it out until there is no fear left.

Act on your hopes and overcome your fears,

by holding onto what you believe is dear,

a belief that reflects one’s confidence in self,

by giving it your all till there’s nothing left.

Da Nekidgoat January 2014

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