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HOPE is described as, a wish or desire accompanied by confident expectation of its fulfillment. Throughout our lives HOPE comes in many forms, and at many stages along our journey. What you HOPE will happen tomorrow, might be different than what you HOPE’d would happen for you a few short years ago. In that respect, HOPE is a dynamic entity. It is fluid and allows for the moments of good times and bad without causing it to break. HOPE is eternal. HOPE being eternal, it also makes it the life blood of us as people. No matter the situation, if you look close enough you can always find HOPE. It is our constant companion and what drives us through to our next day. Three things will last forever, faith, HOPE, and love. HOPE is what allows us to fall asleep at night when our worries and concerns get the best of us. HOPE puts us to rest. So how do we find HOPE? Well it’s always there but we only call on it when we need it. HOPE is like the hot water for a shower. It waits to be called on to make us feel good and wash away the worries of tomorrow. HOPE is eternal; we just need to allow it to be. HOPE wants nothing more from us than to see us smile. HOPE is a true friend. As you face new situations in your life, whether they are physical, emotional, perhaps financial, remember that when it feels like we have nothing – we are wrong! We always have HOPE. It’s there waiting for us to pull it out, dust it off and put it close to our hearts. HOPE will do its job and remind us that there is another tomorrow and it promises to make it just a little bit better than today. HOPE gives us the strength to keep moving forward, and in the end that’s all any of us can HOPE for. We all need the strength to keep moving forward. Christopher Bowman January 2014

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