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Lessons I learned the last few weeks ~ LuAnn Kleemeyer

My son and daughter bought me a beautiful hummingbird feeder when they took their vacation to South Carolina this summer. It is delicate glass with red glass that was washed smooth in the ocean. I filled it with the required sugar water, moved a Sheppard's Crook in front of my living room window, hung the feeder and waited for them to come. The first batch of sugar water all leaked out, POO! So I again boiled the water, dumped it in the bottle and got the nozzle correctly put in and waited. Nothing- at least for the first week. Then one day I look and a little Hummy is out there. He is drinking... or trying to drink..... then he fly's up and pecks on the bottle (like you stupid thing).... tries to drink again and flies off. I hurry out to the bottle and see a air bubble is the problem. My heart is broken-Please come back little Hummy! I fix the issue and watch for this new little visitor of mine for the next few days and then he/she is back. And eating and eating and eating. I am in love.

Hummingbird by S. Brunning

For the next few days I am delighted by this very tiny creature of God's. I have been feeding my little friend for the last few days and have come to see the schedule that it has. I have been able to open the front door and Hummy will stop drinking and turn to check me out. It seems that we have developed a bond. We had a lot of rain yesterday and it seemed to feed more than usual. It was colder out so I guess it needed the extra food for warmth. Late in the evening it seemed to be there more often and linger at the feeder. At one point it even looked in the window at me. It was getting on to dusk, I had a light on and it seemed to want to join me, or tell me something. I went to check the feeder and again, an air bubble. I hurried to fix it but it was too dark for Hummy to come back. I felt bad. But this morning my Hummy was out there getting his fill. I am smiling.

So what is the point of this story and amputees..... I used to think that hummingbirds were this delicate, fragile, and tiny little creature that was almost defenseless in a great big world. I have come to see the strength in this tiny bird. This bird will and can defend it self by being swift of flight, can be aggressive with other birds/ and the feeder to get the food it needs. It just keeps coming back, it never gives up and it succeeds with life. They are really quite amazing.

SOOOO this leads to us as amputees. Do we give up when the going gets rough? Do we move on to what may be the easier route and then be mad at ourselves? Do we act all fragile and let the world think this about us? Do we dwell on the things we use to have? Do we voice our concerns and needs to others kindly and with respect? Do we see, delight, and enjoy the things we can do?

We are all fragile after our amputation, but with determination we can all toughen up and accept what has been given to us. Find something that gives you joy, find your inner strength and build on it every day. No one can give you give back the life you once lived, but your new life can and will give you joy if you look outside yourself to other things. Trust that your life will be whole again, you will smile again, and you will love again! I hope you find your little Hummy to make you smile each day.

God loves to you!

LuAnn Kleemeyer

Photo taken and provided by S. Brunning.

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